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Scott Rushing's picture

Daly ... HOF candidate?

So what do you think?  Heard this discussion the other day.  What's your opinion?...Daly has won 2 Majors, 20 wins throughout his career, 5 on the PGA tour. 

Now normally you'd say "ehhhhhh" that's a couple big wins but not a really convincing arguement.  Right?  but since the HOF inducted Freddy Couples in 2013, who has 1 less major on the PGA tour (2 of his 3 are Senior tour Majors), and he does have 9 more PGA tour wins in non-majors, that sort of lowered the bar a little....perhaps.

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NBC Sports to Offer 50 Hours of Live British Open Coverage

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Take the longest day in major championship golf and a network devoted exclusively to golf and the result is unprecedented coverage. NBC Sports and Golf Channel will combine to provide a record 49.5 hours of live coverage over four days from the British Open at Royal Troon.

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Willett's Master's winning gear

Danny Willett mounted an unorthodox Sunday charge at Augusta National to win his first Masters on Sunday. En route to a bogey-free, 5-under par 67, the Englishman didn’t look to have enough until a quadruple-bogey seven by then-leader Jordan Spieth transformed Willett from the chaser to the chased. The 28-year-old new father played the last six holes in 3-under par to claim his first major title. 

What’s In His Bag

Scott Rushing's picture

2016 preview...Spieth picking up where he left off....

So I saw Spieth hit a 290yard hybrid Saturday...wow.   And he pretty much dominates the event from what little of it I saw.   No slacking off for him going into 2016.    I hope Day stays hot too, and his battles with vertigo subside.  He hits the ball phenominally far...just stupid far.

And then there's what will DJ and Tiger do this year?   Will Tiger be able to play at all?   Should be some fun stuff to watch for this year.



Scott Rushing's picture

Brookwood Country Club Review

This course is a 'country' course.  Played once on a perfect day in November, 2015. Management was extremely friendly but due to a Golfnow issue, they were overbooked and out of carts.  Not holding that against them, but I won't try and judge the normal pace of play. 

Course wise, it's easy to find off the highway.  About 5 minutes off the exit.  Parking is pretty small so I don't think this course gets a lot of play.  Basic double-wide trailer for a club house with snacks, drinks, bathrooms, etc.  Maybe a small grill area but I don't recall as I didn't spend a lot of time there.

Scott Rushing's picture

TM's "un-metal wood", the M1

Anyone hit one of these?  I know Day's hitting it on tour, and Rose has apparently picked up 10 yards since switching to it, and I'm sure many others are using/testing it too.  I saw it in the store and scoffed at the $500 price and walked on.  I never paid much attention to it, but apparently, after reading about it, TM said in the past, they've looked at carbon/composite technology but could always do better with titanium.  but now they say they've gone as far as they can with titanium and so they are now, at least with the M1, incorporating carbon composite for the top layer:

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how to control backspin

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On this day, August 7th

in 1954...may plays golf course blindfolded and shots 15over par, 87.
Wing Commander P.B. "Laddie Lucas", a superb World War II fighter pilot, MP, excellent left-handed golfer and GB&I Walker Cup Captain in 1947 and 1949, plays Sandy Lodge GC in Hertfordshire completely blindfolded, scoring 87, 15 over par.

Early career

Scott Rushing's picture

On this day.. August 6th

in 1966, interestingly that was the year I was born...another future golfer was born, who turned out to be the only player to ever beat Tiger Woods in a playoff of an official tour event...


Scott Rushing's picture

Career Gand Slam for InBee or .. not?

So does yesterday's British Open with count as the Career Grand Slam for Inbee or not?    Starting to hear the discussion of whether this qualifies her or not...The LPGA now has 5 majors not four and one of them InBee won BEFORE it was a major.  So some are saying they don't recognize it because the conditions of play when she won Evian was just a "normal" tournament, along with the entry criteria for players, which is usually better for Majors than most weekend events, were all geared to the normal weekend events.  So you didn't have the conditions of play, the competition or the feel/pres

Scott Rushing's picture

it's a moment, but not a good one...

We've all had bad days on the golf course but just know it could be worse...much worse:

7/12/1916: Playing in the United States Carpet Trade Golf Competition at Hackensack Golf Club in Oradell, New Jersey, John F. Murphy returned a card with nines of 147 and 151 for a total of 298. Murphy's partner is said to have been surprised by his much improved play at the 18th, where he made a 10, thus avoiding a horrendous round of 300 by two shots.