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Did you see this golf club review?

During a typical sand shot, when you contact the sand, what is the correct wrist position of your left hand? This is in reference to a typical soft sand, bunker shot.<br /><br />After having cocked my wrists, and returning steeply with the downswing, I always return at impact and follow through, to a fairly straight, solid wrist position. However I came across an article stating that: at impact, there should be a cupping of the left wrist. It states that this is necessary in producing quality sand shots, because this motion prevents the club from closing, and the ball is lifted in the air with backspin. Does this sound accurate? <br /><br />I would think the action of cupping the left wrist at impact, would instead lead the clubface to close, thus reducing your bounce, thus defeating the purpose. Am I missing something?

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