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Did you see this golf club review?

Where did my golf swing go and how do I get it back?

We've all done it. When playing a good or great round, we lose it. Whether we can't hit the driver or whether it's shanking irons, we've all had those rounds where all of the sudden, without warning, our golf swing goes...somewhere. Why? Where does our golf game go and why did it leave?

Well, it's not gone anywhere. it's there. Just buried beneath the weight of all those things inside our head. Clearly if we had the physical ability to 'do it' right for 14 holes, we should be able to finish out the round with it. Right?

Cold out? Then practice indoors. Drills you can do indoors without any special equipment or tools

Though the weather outside may be frightful, practice indoors can be delightful. Indoor golf drills can help you keep your game sharp in the off season so that you don't spend several months in the spring getting back to the level you were playing at in the fall.

This year, be smarter about your game: 6 golf statistics you should be tracking but probably aren't.

Ok, if someone asks you , I bet most of you can tell your friends how many birdies you had in your last round, and how many Pars, how many lost balls and probably how many putts you took. And some of you may already be tracking your greens in regulation (GIR) and fairways in regulation (FIR), and Up-and-Downs or Sandies. Great. Many of us use those to help us gauge our round and how well we played. As we approach the 2014 season, I would suggest that, while it may seem inconvenient to do so, there are other statistics you should track in each round.

My recent experience with Titleist Ball Fitting

So a local course had the Titleist team at the course recently, doing Titleist ball fitting. So I scheduled a 30 minute session to see what ball they would recommend for me. Now I had done the "talk" version of this a couple times, as recent as a few weeks ago at the Wyndham tour event where Titleist had a tent setup to promote their golf balls. They always tell me to play the ProV1x. So I was curious what the true fitting process would suggest.

2014 - The war on slow play heats up

You've seen the commercials: "While we're young!" shouts Annika. Named appropriately after the famous line uttered by Rodney Dangerfield's character in Caddyshack, "While We're Young" was conceived to combat the four fundamental causes of slow play: player behavior, course design, course setup and player/group management.

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