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demo day

Driving range around 20-30 minutes away having multiple vendor demo day on 4/8, will see if weather permits a visit. We went to this one a couple of years ago and the parking lot was overflowing. Our regular range has a Ping day and sometimes Adams, but he's small potatoes so he doesn't get all of the others like Callaway, TM, Mizuno, etc.

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Hope the weather co-operates

Hope the weather co-operates for you Aimee.  Enjoy trying out all the new toys!

[Added] The local executive course holds an annual demo day in the spring in early April.  They are a certified TM fitting centre so they give the full treatment.  They are also dealers for Callaway, Cobra, Ping and Titleist.  Like the one you have described there are usually lineups wanting to try the latest drivers and irons.  I haven't been to it in several years although I do take advantage of the club swap they sponsor to get rid of surplus clubs.  I find that early season demo days are a bit misleading due to the amount of rust that is typically affecting my swing at that time.

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We have a couple courses here

We have a couple courses here that do that.  Always nice to get to hit differnt stuff.  One of ours sometimes has Titleist do a ball fitting too.  That's nice, and usually you get a 2-pack sleeve of balls

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It's golf swap weekend for

It's golf swap weekend for another year.  I took a few clubs in to sell last week.  I was surprised at the amount of stuff they had consigned even on the first day they were accepting clubs.  With that much stuff it makes it tough sledding to get a decent price, but it many cases I suspect that folks just want rid of stuff.

I'll probably swing by this afternoon to see if my consignments sold.  I had 2 ladies fairways, a pair of wedges, a men's 3W and a hybrid.  WE might get a couple of rounds of golf out of the lot, but that's not bad for clubs that were just sitting in a closet.

There was supposed to be a demo day this weekend, but i can't imagine that's going to fly with the weather that we're getting.  Winter just does not want to let go!