Kirkland golf balls are back

Did you see this golf club review?

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Kirkland golf balls are back

I just watched a new review on the new Kirkland golf balls and they are back in stock at Costco according to their website. Cost is $25.00 for TWO dozen 3 piece tour balls, which got a pretty good review a few days ago. NOT quite as good as the ProV1 ball according to the reviewer, but at 1.4 the price, they did pretty good. 270 yards off the driver compared to 280 is not too bad. Good wedge spin and only a little less spin with a 7 iron. so not bad overall. 

I do not know about you, but at $1 per ball compared to over $4.00 per ball  for the ProV1. I can live with 270 yards instead of 280 yards, especially when I'm NOT play9ng for money like the Tour Pros do. 

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Yeah I've played those balls

Yeah I've played those balls too.  SOmeone told me there were like the old Nike 2 piece ball...but I'm guessing since they carry Callaway its maybe one of theirs.  but good deal for a decent ball.

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You might want to watch the

You might want to watch the review done by Rick Shielss that he posted a few days ago. He gave the ball a decent review, NOT as good as a ProV1 but pretty good, expecially for the price they are selling at. Good spin, They just scuff up more than a ProV1 with full wedge shots.But if you do not play the same ball for more than 20 shots, they should be fine. And most amatuer golfers would most likely LOSE the ball before they got to 20 shots with the same ball, so not biggie for most golfers. 


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