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Happy Thanksgiving (in advance) to everyone. The gatherings are likely small (just me and Michael this year) but as always, we can be thankful for what we DO have, which is plenty.

Scott Rushing
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We did..very simple...just me

We did..very simple...just me and the kids...didn't do anything big and stayed safe and it was fine.  Yes happy and thankful for what we do have.  Hope everyone is safe and sound.

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Same Here

The wife and I cooked a nice turkey this year and it's ALL OURS. No one to share it with which is just fine with me. I love left over turkey and all the stuff that goes with it.  My wife went over to her mom's house on Thanksgivieng day for a few hours just to say hello and have a family moment. Then on Friday we cooked the food and ate enough to make up for no one else being here. Might be the BEST turkey we have ever cooked. Nice and juicy and tender.


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