2016 Golf EXPO this weekend

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2016 Golf EXPO this weekend

Every year we have Golf Expo come to town the middel of Feb. And this year it's this weekend. Problem is I can NOT go becasue I'm not supposed to be swinging a golf club for another 3 weeks. Kind of STINKS big time if you ask me. It was going to be a great time for me to get out and look at all of the newes toys on the market. Now I have to wait another whole year for next Feb to come around. Bummer.

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Dang..probably too tempting

Dang..probably too tempting if you go huh?  Other than demo days, we don't get too much around this area expo wise...



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Expo here in NJ this weekend, Michael Breed is supposed to be there on Saturday, I believe. The Expo Center is about an hour from my house, not sure if I'm going to visit.

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