2016 preview...Spieth picking up where he left off....

Did you see this golf club review?

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Scott Rushing
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2016 preview...Spieth picking up where he left off....

So I saw Spieth hit a 290yard hybrid Saturday...wow.   And he pretty much dominates the event from what little of it I saw.   No slacking off for him going into 2016.    I hope Day stays hot too, and his battles with vertigo subside.  He hits the ball phenominally far...just stupid far.

And then there's what will DJ and Tiger do this year?   Will Tiger be able to play at all?   Should be some fun stuff to watch for this year.



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had to watch some of the golf from Hawaii as we freeze our butts off here...it seems that Spieth has figured out how to stay cool under pressure, which is what stops some of the best golfers from winning.

DJ always seems like a bit of a trainwreck to me. Wild swings in his game, when he's on...he's really on. But he doesn't seem to have figured out how to maintain his composure over 3 rounds, epic melt downs.

Tiger...not sure anyone really cares if he plays any more, sad to say. But I'm sure he didn't have surgery (again) to just retire.

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