April 21st, 1934...

Did you see this golf club review?

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April 21st, 1934...

Believed to be the largest golf match ever played, the Army Golfing Society took on St Andrews in a 200 a-side contest, each team fielding 100 foursomes pairs. The Army won 58 to 31, with 11 matches halved.....


Talk about potential for slow play...wonder what the average time to complete a round was with 400 people on the course?

I wonder now many golfers

I wonder now many golfers play a course in ONE day on most courses when all the tee times are sold out. If the first tee time was at say 8:00AM and the last was at say 4:00PM, and they sent out a foursome every 10 minutes, they would get 6 per hour. Usint these numbers they would get 216 golfers playing the course in one day. Sunrise is around 6:15 this time of year, so they could get started a bit earlier so that would help. But getting 400 golfers out in one day would be a push to say the least.


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