Ben Hogan Fort Worth 15 irons and TK15 wedges.

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Ben Hogan Fort Worth 15 irons and TK15 wedges.

How I wish that I still had enough game to play blades!  The new Hogan company's iron / wedge set includes forty-four lofts, 20 to 63 degrees.  You can choose not only the exact lofts that you want, but also, the spacings that you want in loft increments.  The clubs are forged and plated blades, but have a hint of perimeter weighting for improved forgiveness. Better yet, they have the actual lofts stamped on the soles instead of meaningless club numbers.

If you're young, you've only seen the lofts jacked gradually. If you're a senior, however, there's nothing subtle about it.  Modern loft / club number correlations have nothing to do with the loft / number correlations that were used when the numbering system first replaced the club names like mashie, niblick, etc.

When I started out, a typical iron set had lofts something like this:











Pitching wedge_____52º

Sand iron_________56º

The lob wedge was not yet in play.


These lofts are not even ballpark to what's out now.  So the actual loft stampings are a good way to go.

As for the wedges, I am less enthused.  They all have the Reid-Lockhart / Scor type V-sole on every loft.  This is absolutely fine for some players, while others (like myself) prefer a specific grind on each loft.


That aside, all clubs are delivered with the customer's choice of lie angle, length, shaft, and grip.  If I had more gas left in the tank, I would finally retire my DCI 962s for these irons. They are art-museum beautiful.