Clubs for my son

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Scott Rushing
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Clubs for my son

So my son's grown a ton this last year (he's 12) and the clubs I had for him, Topflite Junior XL no longer big enough for him.   He's taking some lessons and the coach said to move him out of junior clubs and to full size clubs. I'm wondering about shafts.  I was going to get one of my drivers and 3Ws and old set of irons reshafted to Regular flex...but my question is do I "have" to do that?   I know I should do it, just because they'll be too stiff for him but I'm not really wanting to spend all that money right now to reshaft and grip them. At least for a couple months...

  What would be the worst thing of him using my stiff shafted irons for a few months?  anything?  he used my 7I the other day and hit it pretty good.  Just not wanting to spend that much $ right now given other things and family vacations coming up.  Any thoughts?

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Scott, if the shafts are too stiff, it can potentially affect his ball flight (too far right) so he could develop overcompensation. Plus ball flight too low. So I would think he might be discouraged by his results since he isn’t going to have optimal results even when he thinks he swings well. I see women playing their husband’s cast off clubs and it is the same issue. What about a decent set of preowned reg flex instead of reshafting, it likely would be less expensive.

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Good queston Scott. I would

Good queston Scott. I would ASK his golf coach what HE thinks about shaft flex. I would think he would be a good person to "know" what flex would be a good fit for your 12 year old son. That said, I really "doubt" that playing a set of Stiff flex shaft irons would "Hurt" your son much if at all. Depending of HOW strong he is and how fast he swings the irons. I doubt he would have a problem hitting your irons with Stiff flex shafts. IF it was ME, I'd take him to the range and have him hit YOUR irons and SEE how the perform for him and then decide IF you need Regular flex shafts or not. 

And if you DO decide to go with R fles irons, you should be able to pick up a set of USED R flex irons at a pretty reasonable price, MUCH less than the cost of having a set of your irons reshafted for sure. If you'd like me to I can look at what sets of irons I have on hand with R flex shafts and let you know what I have that would work for your son. I know for a fact that I have at least ONE set of irons with R flex shafts that have very little use on them that would work for him. I have a set of ACER  XF irons with very little use on them, maybe one or two range sessons and one round of golf at most. The ACER XF irons are pretty much the same clubs as a set of the old Callaway X16 irons form 16 years ago. only with a different name on them, sold by Hireko Golf instead of Callaway. so the price is a lot lower. I just washed the worse looking club of the set, (3-PW), and it looks like a NEW 9 iron that had hit a couple dozen range balls off a tee. NO dings or marks on the sole. only ball residue on the face of the club from hitting balls. IF you would like, I can take a set of photos of the clubs so you can see exactly what they look like. The Acer XF is a good Game Improvement iron design that should be goof for your son for years to come. Steel R flex shaft with like new grips as well. Karma is the brand of the grips. 


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Scott Rushing
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Thanks Aimee, Thanks Don.  I

Thanks Aimee, Thanks Don.  I'll ask Saturday when I see his coach again.  I agree Don, it's more cost effective to buy a used set than reshaft the ones I have.  Took him to the range today and he hit OK with them, but given his swing is very inconsistent right now it's hard to know whether the low trajectory shots were the stiff shaft or the poor swing.  I saw some good ones in there so we might try them another week and talk to the coach Saturday.  It's not like, given the 100 degree temps we're feeling this week that he'll get too many full swings in.  We'll hit the range again tomorrow but just a small bucket.  It's already hot by 930 here.

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