Club's ProV deal

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Scott Rushing
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Club's ProV deal

Titleist is doing a deal on golf balls through our 4 dozen personlized ProV1 or ProV1x balls for $129.   That's $2.69 per golf ball which is pretty darn good price for  ProV.  I'm seeing them $47.99 in the golf stores, or $4 each.  I just ordered 4 dozen...Guess that's what I'll be using this year.

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Kind of makes you sick that

Kind of makes you sick that Titleist can sell Pro V1's at 60% of retail, personalize them and still make a profit.  Now you know why the Kirkland ball was $29 a dozen.

It's pretty clear that golf balls are a gold mine for the manufacturers; far more profitable than clubs with far more demand too.  Last fall I bought 6 dozen Noodles for $60!  Cheap two piece ball that isn't a rock and is reasonable around the green.  If I rinse one; so what?  If I scuff one up, just toss it in the shag bag.  I'm probably set for the next two years!  At least I'll have a ball that is consistent to chip and putt with and that's most of the battle right there.

When the Costco ball came out

When the Costco ball came out they were $40 for TWO dozen balls not $29 a dozen. They have been sold on E-Bay for $40 for ONE dozen after they were no longer available from Costco due to being sold out all the time. I do NOT know what Titleist is complaining about to be honest, as Costco has not been the source of all the compatision between their new ball and the ProV1. Rather it was a lot of golfer review people doing the comparisions online. I read one repost that the Kirkland ball is really the OLD model of the TeylorMade PENTA Tour ball, NOT a copy of any Titleiest ball. I can for sure understand why Titleist might want to complain, but they should be complaining to the website that are posting the review and comparisons results, NOT about Costco.


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Read an article that said the

Read an article that said the reason Titleist and other companies sue for things like this is that usually the smaller company just closes up shop.  They don't have the money to fight them in a lengthy court battle so they just give up. usually getting no compensation and having not broken any copyright or patent infringement laws.

Costco though is another matter. They do have money and they've now countersued Accushnet.  So it should be interesting to see how this turns out.

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