Cobra Baffler XL irons

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Cobra Baffler XL irons

This is last year's model of Cobra's SGI offering that typically comes in a combo set with hybrids.  Lately I've toyed with the idea of picking up a set of very easy to hit irons rather than continue to struggle to hit a players iron as has been the case lately.  The Cobras appealled to me based on price and some positive reviews.

The irons are big and chunky, yet aren't off-putting when setting up behind the ball.  I appreciate that these aren't ultra light particularly when shafted with steel.  Despite the heft compared to some of the alternatives, the clubs are well balanced and easy to swing.  You also get a quality standard weight Lamkin ACE 3 REL grip rather than some of the thin grips that budget irons often come equipped with.

I hit the 7 iron in both stiff steel and regular graphite in a simulator with a launch monitor.  These irons are easy to launch and ballfight is predominantly straight with a draw bias.  The graphite shafts launched the ball higher with greater carry comparing best results, but with wider dispersion.  The results with the steel shaft was grouped quite a bit tighter.  Feel was moderately more responsive with the steel shaft, but not particularly reflective on a mishit.  I found the results a bit puzzling as my strike was quite consistent based on the tape on the head, yet what felt as though a quality strike didn't always show up that way on the monitor.  While I clearly fit into a regular flex shaft based on best result, on balance the consistency with stiff would lead me in that direction without the benefit of having a regular steel shaft to compare to.

I don't mind these clubs and I'd like to have a go with them for a more thorough try-out on course conditions, but that option isn't available to me.  Tough to experiment when the depreciation on used clubs is so severe!  I was quoted a shocking trade-in value on my year old i25's (6-PW) of just $145 which is absolutely ridiculous!

Most likely it was the shaft Material not the flex

It's NOT at all uncommon to see a larger dispersion pattern with Graphite shafts in a set of irons. This is the major reason most Tour Pros play steel in their irons. And the pros that DO play graphite in their irons, do NOT play with the OEM shafts the club would come with, but with High Dollar after market high end shafts. I would agree with you entirely about hitting the same irons again, but this time with R flex steel shafts to compare the results with what you got last time.

As for the trade in offer you got, I agree again, and this is the main reason I do NOT trade in any of my old clubs. Last tiem I was thinging of trading in a 5 wood for a newer model, Golf Galaxy offered me $ 5.00 for it, which is about what the new grip on the club was worth. And since my woods have after market shafts in them that cost me at least $45, there offer of $5.00 for a club is a joke in my opinion. Same goes for any of my driivers with after market shafts. I checked the trade-in value for an old set of Cobra irons a few yeats ago. they would give me $100 for the set of 7 clubs. Problem is the shafts alone would cost me $35 EACH to replace, so that's $245 ti repolace the shafts, to say nothing for the cost to replace the almost new grips on the clubs. All this explains why I have dozens of drivers laying around the house, and half a dozen sets of irons. As a club maker, the shafts are worth more to me than what they will give me as a trade in.


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Sco, you might check Global

Sco, you might check Global Golf some as they're stock changes almost daily.  I did see a set of steel out there but they were 2inch longer than normal.  But I went through that (a couple times) where I was playing well, upgraded (back to players irons) then struggled a bit, went to more forgiving irons and liked them.  The new irons I seem to be more forgiving than players irons and give me a higher launch angle.  I don't think I'll ever go to blades though..

I've seen the same thing on trade in.  The only time I traded something in was when Taylormade and Golf Galaxy did a bonus $100 on your trade in if you bought TM's new driver.  And I traded in a driver that was worth $30 to them, but I got the extra $100 so I was OK with it. 

I do get better luck selling things on Ebay instead.  I have an almost new Nike putter that I bought 2 yrs ago, used maybe 4 times.  The trade in value was like $10!!!!!  I'll just keep it!

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I went in to the store today

I went in to the store today and hit a couple of different models of irons (Taylormade RBZ and Speedblade) in regular steel.  I was on the same simulator and the results with these was actually noticably poorer than with the Cobras in stiff.  I was surprised that these weren't more competitive, but that may have been a reflection of the day and me as much as anything.  I opted for those models as they were relatively close to my specs in OTR format.

It brings back a reminder of an earlier time I hit a club that seemed quite promising even though it wasn't as long as what I expected.  I ended up buying it (Callaway Diablo Octane) on a Black Friday deal for a punt.  Turned out to be my go to driver for the past couple of seasons or so.  I've got a line on three sets of the Baffler XLs in Reg. steel that appear to have been rentals with probably a season's use.  The price is OK, but not good enough for a punt.  I'll keep my eyes open for something a bit cheaper as the season winds down into the winter months.

The one thing that seems to have been verified by my recent testing is that for irons at least I should be looking at the easiest to hit models I can find that are of a more standard weight.