Cobra releases new driver series...The Fly-Z Driver..

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Cobra releases new driver series...The Fly-Z Driver..

I have probably played more Cobra drivers than any other in recent years.  I like the current AMP Cell driver series so I may go demo these.  So the interesting thing I see in this line is a moveable weight that controls the exact position of the CG.  You can slide it from back to front, giving you less or more lower weight.   So now you have adjustable lowest, face angles, perimeter weighting and now CG.  Next you will be able to tweak the shape of the club I guess???


The impressive new Fly-Z line of drivers from Cobra includes three models, the Fly-Z+ ($399), Fly-Z ($329), and the Fly-Z XL ($279). Designed to cover the full gamut of ability levels, the Fly-Z family is lead by the Fly-Z+, which is aimed at players ranging from Tour pros to 15-handicappers.

Designed with a technology called FlipZone the Fly-Z+ features an extremely low CG location that can be moved to the front or back of the clubhead via a 15-gram weight in the sole. When set to the front location the Fly-Z+ produces a mid-launch angle with extremely low spin and a relatively boring launch angle and when set to the rear location a mid-launch flight with approximately 400 RPM's of additional spin is produced for higher ballflight and additional carry.

"The Fly-Z+ driver features the lowest CG of any adjustable weight driver on the market," said Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D. "The new FlipZone provides golfers with two different flight paths in one head - allowing golfers to play what is best for their game. The result is one unique, performance and technology driven golf club that is truly game changing."

In addition to FlipZone technology the Fly-Z+ driver also features a new Speed Channel around the perimeter of the clubface that makes it thinner, leading to faster ball speeds across a larger portion of the hitting area. A forged E9 Zone Face technology that increases the size of the sweet spot further enhances distance on off-center hits, while a carbon fiber crown and sole sections save a significant amount of weight that is repositioned in more useful areas of the clubhead.

Other features of the Fly-Z+ driver include multiple custom tuning technologies (MyFly8 and Smart Pad) that provide loft and trajectory settings that range from 8-11 degrees. Five colors including black, white, blue, orange, and red are available for players who want to stand out from the crowd. A Matrix VLCT ST 60g shaft comes standard but multiple premium shaft offerings including the Aldila Tour Green, Aldila Tour Blue, and Matrix White Tie are available at no additional charge. The Fly-Z+ will hit stores on February 1, 2015.

The standard Fly-Z driver is aimed at players in the 5-25 handicap range looking for maximum distance with plenty of forgiveness. Designed with a fixed, low and back CG location the Fly-Z produces mid-high launch angles for all sorts of players.

"The Fly-Z Driver is positioned as one of the most forgiving drivers currently in the marketplace, yet it doesn't sacrifice distance," said Olsavsky. "The 460cc Driver offers a slightly larger address profile that enabled our engineers to create the most forgiving driver that COBRA Golf has ever made."

Due to a significant amount of weight saved in the face and crown the Fly-Z is more stable on off-center hits than the Fly-Z+ and produces approximately 300 RPM more spin than the Fly-Z+ set in the back weighted position. A combination of MyFly8 and SmartPad technologies allow for eight loft and trajectory settings that range from 9- to 12-degrees. Five color options including black, white, blue, orange, and red are available while a green option will come in the spring. A Matrix VLCT SP shaft comes standard. The Fly-Z is also available in a women's model that is optimized for slower swingers and comes in Raspberry, Silver, and Ultramarine. Fly-Z drivers will be in stores on January 23, 2015.

The final model in Cobra's new driver lineup, the Fly-Z XL, is aimed at 15-40 handicappers (seniors, women, and beginners included) who can benefit from a higher, more draw-biased ball flight. A low-profile clubhead with moderate offset produces up to 17.5 yards of draw bias, which is great for those who struggle with the banana ball.

Other features of the Fly-Z XL include an all titanium clubhead with forged face weighting, a back CG position for added forgiveness on off center hits, and a high MOI sole shape that further enhances the club's slice busting qualities. The Fly-Z XL is available in 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5-degree lofts with a Matrix graphite shaft and also comes in a redesigned women's model. Expect the Fly-Z XL to be in stores on November 14, 2014.

Cobra's are good clubs

I have a few Cobra drivers and a 3 wood. The old Cobra XL was a great driver, I have a Cobra ZL that I like a lot. All Cobra drivers that I have hit are as long as any I've hit. I'll have to check out the new Cobra series next time I get into Golfsmith. Thanks for the tip.


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