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European Tour

Hi, as I gather all of you are in North America. Whats the coverage of the European Tour like ?

a, Easy to watch as its on a sport channel.

b, No interest in the european tour.

C. Difficult to find a channel showing it.

d. Other.

In the UK all of the european tour is shown on sky sports. All of the PGA tour is also on Skysports. All the majors this year apart from the PGA was also on Sky sports. No coverage of the PGA in UK unless a special subscription to an internet feed, NOT GOOD.

Best wishes CAC. 

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CAC, they sometimes show the European Tour on The Golf Channel in the early morning on the weekends. That channel comes included many of the cable TV "packages". The LET is never shown. To be honest, I will rarely watch golf coverage early in the morning, but if I'm in the mood I'll watch a few minutes of ET coverage if it looks interesting. My husband doesn't like to watch golf unless he knows the players.

It's not's how many

I only watch broadcast TV and

I only watch broadcast TV and all they carry is the PGA Tour events, so NO Eurpeian  tour for me. To be honest, half of the guys playing for the europing team for the Rider Cup are players I don't know much if anything about. If they don't play on the PGA tour at least a few times a year, I don't know who they are. Same thin for the LPGA golfers, It's just not on TV here so I don't watch them either. 


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Scott Rushing
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I watch the Euro Tour a lot. 

I watch the Euro Tour a lot.  I get the Golf Channel as part  of my Youtube TV subscription...and I watch the Euro events a lot.  Saturday or Sunday mornings.   I really am getting to like how those guys play.  Courses are not plush and manicured like ours, they don't have the weather to support that.  Yes the fairways look "bad" compared to what we in the US think a fairway should look like.  But I enjoy seeing them fight the elements and have to hit golf shots..not just bomb it .  This weekend was watching Alexander Bjork hit 3W off most of the tees instead of driver, even into the wind trying to find the fairway over risking the rough and the low wirey shrubs/grasses. 

I recognized a few of the guys from the Ryder Cup having seen many of them before.  

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