Faldo Tips: Practice (carefully) on the course.

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Scott Rushing
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Faldo Tips: Practice (carefully) on the course.

Sir Nick Faldo suggests it wise to do some on-course practicing. Clearly you would not be doing this during your Sunday morning 4some but if you're out late in the day and have the course mostly to yourself, maybe give this a try. But remember, you can't post scores from your practice rounds!

Practice (carefully) on the course.

Beating balls on the range has its limitations. It's hard to tell exactly how far the ball is flying, and it doesn't behave the same landing downrange as it does landing on a green. In my prime, I loved to go out at Wentworth and Lake Nona early in the morning before anyone got there and hit four balls into every green. I'd do this from the edge of the fairway or even from the light rough, so I didn't chew up the fairways, and I fixed my ball marks. I'd try for a slightly different ball flight with each shot. This "real" type of practice will sharpen your focus and benefit you in ways beating balls on the range cannot.

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I will pop over to Wentworth

I will pop over to Wentworth saturday morning before anyone is out. Its only £360 a round. cac although fairly local lol.

cac handed Geordie.

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No doubt he was a member so

No doubt he was a member so cost was not a factor not that it should even matter to a top tier professional.

Faldo's tip would be a great

Faldo's tip would be a great way to practice for an event that was coming up at a certain course soon. Learn what type of approach shot works best for each hole and maybe drop a few strokes be being on more greens instead of off it.


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