A few years ago...

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A few years ago...

Ok, many years ago, I bought this golf simulator thing that came with a fairly sturdy swing path device (picture floating golf ball with a hitting mat below it) and it hooked up to your computer and could be used to "play" golf on Tiger's golf game.   I was hoping to use it as a golf simulator instead of a game but it didn't work real well.  it was ok.  So after a while I packed it away.

Anyway, haven't used it in years and today I was outside thinking about my swing path issue of hitting off the toe so much Friday when I played,  and I remembered I had it.  So I drug it outside and put some impact tape on my club and started swinging.  I don't know how well this will work or whether it'll really help but with the impact tape I can at least see where I'm hitting the ball on the clubface.  Again, lots of the early swings were off the toe.  So I worked on swinging "out" more on the downswing trying to hit the ball to "1 oclock" position.   It seemed to help some as I got closer to the middle of the face.   So we'll see.  Probably go back and watch my GolfGalaxy lesson videos and see what's going on.  it's usually the same things...not turning enough, over swinging on the back swing, sloppy on the take-away...

But could be a tool I use when I don't have time to hit the range in the evenings..

I remember seeing a swing

I remember seeing a swing trainer that sounds a lot like what you just described. Your issue of making toe contact could be a matter of swing parh, or it could be an issue of setup position and not being the correct distance from the ball. Too far away could be the cause of toe contact, as well and your arms NOT hanging straight down at address. It wouldn't hurt to check these issues out as well as your swing path next time you get a chance.


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Scott Rushing
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Thanks Don.   I do usually

Thanks Don.   I do usually check that I'm not too far from the ball and that I'm not extending my arms outward, just trying to let them hang natrually.   We'll see how it goes tomorrow... some swings where it try to remember "to lead with the lead arm" go well, other times making sure I fully extend my arms on the down swing works well, while keeping my head and body down through impact seems to help,  and other times making sure my take-away and the transition at the top are smooth works.   So just need to watch my videos, record my swing and play around with things...My goal over the next few weeks is to play around with each of those independently and try to groove the swing path again...it usually comes down to an "OMG, not that again" where "that" is one of my three swing faults that rear their heads often!

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