Foot Joy Dry Joys Casual Spikeless

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Foot Joy Dry Joys Casual Spikeless

I picked up a pair of the FJ Dry Joys Casual Spikeless shoes back in the spring for 25% off during an on-line promotion.  Generally I find Foot Joys to be pretty easy to wear right out of the box, but for whatever reason, I never got around to using them.  Instead I stuck to my old Ashworth Cardiff spikeless shoes as I was walking most of my rounds and I didn't want to try and break in a brand new pair that way particularly if I was playing 18.

Yesterday, I finally decided to give them a go and get the process started for no other reason that they were sitting there staring at me!

Wow!  I had no idea what I was missing!  Actually, I had no idea how much I was slipping with the old spikeless shoes until I realized after the round that I was solidly anchored all day and didn't spin out of a single shot.  I recall remarking to my playing partner that I was aerating the greens based on the impression that the soles were leaving with this neat pattern of tiny punch marks that the  nubs left behind. 

When you get used to something, even if it's a negative, you can soon lose touch with what is actually good or bad about it until you force a comparison.  I don't really think it was any surprise that I had a great day striking the ball now considering how well my feet were anchored into the turf.

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I agree, the spikeless

I agree, the spikeless FootJoys are a real pleasure to play in, throw the spiked shoes into the nearest water hazzard or available trash bin.

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Yeah I have a pair of those I

Yeah I have a pair of those I really enjoy.  really light weight and almost like you have nothing on.  Never had a problem with grip except in the wet conditions.  I'll wear them on rounds where it's been really dry, but for rounds after rain, I usually go back to my normal spiked golf shoes.

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fred johnson
spikeless shoes

I was at GG over the weekend and notices that the Walter Hagen spikless shoes were $56.  In dark tan leather they looked so nice I would have bought a pair if my size had been there.  Tried on a 1 size larger pair and they were actually more comfortable than the footjoys.  I'll try Dicks and see if my size is available.