GAME Golf Digital Tracking System

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Scott Rushing
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GAME Golf Digital Tracking System

There's a new device out, not really an app for your phone, called GAME Golf Digital Tracking System.  Essentially it tracks every shot you take (not sure about putts..) on the course and then when you download them, you can review every shot.  I don't know how useful that is, and it's not free, but I guess if you wanted to look at distance you hit clubs, tendencies you have with certain clubs, over a period of time you could get that.   You essentially put a small device on the butt end of the club/grip and then tap it to a device you are wearing just before you hit (or after).  And it notes what club it was (each small device is coded for specific clubs) and then it knows where you hit the next one from, etc.   You have to download and then review/approve/edit the round stats, to plug in penalty shots, etc.   Anyway, interesting but I'm not sure I'd get much out of it.