Get a Free Arccos Driver Unit When You Buy a Cobra Driver

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Get a Free Arccos Driver Unit When You Buy a Cobra Driver

If you're thinking about buying a Cobra driver, see this:

Here's a cool offer to get your long game headed in the right direction. From now through June 30, players who purchase a new Cobra driver -- the King LTD, King F6+, or King F6 -- will receive an Arccos Driver unit at no extra charge (normally an $80 value) to track just how well they pound it off the tee.

The unit attaches to the top of the driver's grip and syncs to an iPhone or Android device using the Arccos Driver app (free to download).

Photo: Courtesy of Arccos Arccos Driver System

Arccos Driver System

You'll receive immediate statistical feedback such as the range between your longest and shortest knocks, shot dispersion, your longest drive, and a "smart average" that throws out anomalies. A gaming component also provides personalized challenges such as hitting a prescribed number of fairways, and allows you to compete in contests against friends as well as other Arccos users.

In addition, the app supplies yardages to the front, center, and back of each green, and calculates yardages to hazards. Here are links to our ClubTest reviews for the King LTD, King F6+, and King F6 drivers.

Nice offer

If someone was going to buy a new Cobra drver this would surely be a good deal. I do not know how good the Arccos systes is, but it's got to be better than nothing and worth the FREE price of it. Can't beat free very often. I happen to have the Epson M-Tracer myself, and it's a pretty nice unit for seeing what my swing is like. Gives me swing speed as well as a LOOK at what my swing looks like. Tell me if I'm taking the club back in the correct plane and does the same for my downswing. All on my cell phone. Tells me if the club face is open or closed as well. Not bad for a small device that attaches to the grip of the club. Works with ANY club in my bag and I get to tell the unit which club I'm using so it can figure out my clubhead speed based on the length of the club and how I'm moning the grip end of the club during the swing. And it keeps track of all my swings so I can view all of my swings later on my computer so I can figure out how I mgiht be abel to improve my swing down the road.


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