Golf Apps for my new phone???

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Golf Apps for my new phone???

Now that I have a new Smart phone I'm wondering if any of you have a good Golf app that you would recommend I try out. Either an app for working to improve my game or a GPS app for playing golf out on the course. I've seen a few apps talked about in the past, but I didn't pay much attention back then as I did not have a phone to use them with. Now that I have a smart phone, i'd like to know what you might recommend. If you know of a good place to find info on golf apps that would be welcome as well. Any and all recommendations would be most welcome.

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I have tried a couple...there was an earlier version of the app UberSense that was for golf.  It seems like the newer version is sport-agnostic so you can use it for any sport and some of the videos you download of "pros" cost some don't.  I'd look at what versions of Ubersense you could find.  That was a good one to video tap your swing then play it back in slow motion against a pro's swing.

FreeCaddie was a decent Golf GPS that was free.  Download the courses for free and get distances to the green

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