Golfsmith offering shaft PUREing..

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Golfsmith offering shaft PUREing..

Don, have you seen this?  I was on the Golfsmith site looking at shafts and noticed on the ordering page they allow you to request shaft PUREing, a process they have for testing and identifying the most stable shaft orientation.   Is that like the Spine/FLO alignment process you talk about?

From their Site:::


No golf shaft is perfectly round, straight or stiff throughout its length.

Despite modern manufacturing techniques, every shaft is as unique as a fingerprint, and every shaft performs differently. But by PUREing shafts, you find the plane of assembly in which that shaft is the most stable when striking the ball. This allows you to both build a better golf club and expand the revenue stream for your business.

The SST PURE label ensures that your club or shaft has been PUREd by a licensed SST technician

The Only Source for SST PUREd® Raw Shafts

Golfsmith offers the first and most dominant USGA-legal service of shaft orientation — or PUREing. This service can be performed for any raw shafts purchased through Golfsmith, from any other source, or on complete clubs that are shipped to Golfsmith for retro-PUREing. This amazing technology, licensed to Golfsmith by Strategic Shaft Technologies, LC (U.S. patent #4,958,834 and pats. pending), provides clubmakers with the opportunity to build the most stable clubs possible and expand their revenue source at the same time.


Used by More Than Three-Fourths of PGA Tour Players

The best golfers in the world rely on SST PURE® Shaft Alignment to make sure their golf clubs perform consistently. Professional players simply cannot afford to have mis-hit shots — and Tour players using PUREd shafts are reaping the benefits. Because the PUREing process identifies the most stable orientation of any golf shaft, the shafts can be installed into the clubhead for optimal performance. Clubs feel more solid and play more consistently because there is minimal off-line bending and twisting.


Increase Your Clubmaker Profits with SST PUREing

Since its 1999 approval by the USGA, PUREing has become one of the hottest topics in the clubmaking industry. More than 170 PGA Tour professionals can testify to the benefits of this process, and players who SST PURE their clubs won over $94 million in 2007. You and your customers owe it to your game to have every shaft aligned for assembly the same way. The SST PURE process tests each shaft on a state-of the-art computerized shaft analysis system. Proprietary software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors precisely pinpoint the most consistent orientation of each golf shaft. The SST machine then generates a printout of the shaft’s pre- and post-PUREing oscillation patterns to clearly illustrate the improvement in performance. Once your shafts are assembled in the most stable position, we guarantee your clubs will feel more solid and play more consistently or you may return them at our expense (return expense for continental U.S. orders only; UPS ground shipping) and we will re-install the shafts to their original orientation.


A Shaft Analysis Sheet comes with each shaft or club that is PURE aligned. The charts indicate the shaft’s oscillation and other properties, both before and after alignment. Included with each shaft, these sheets provide a visual confirmation of the shaft’s improved symmetry with the PURE position neutral to the target.



Before PUREing


After PUREing



(Prices are per shaft and include shaft analysis sheet with test results)

QTY 1-4
Prices are for a Single Shaft

Prices are for a Single Shaft

PURE PUREing SERVICE on any shaft purchased from Golfsmith $15.00 $13.00
PURECC PUREing SERVICE added to a Custom Club order from Golfsmith $15.00 $13.00
NSTKPURE PUREing SERVICE on any new un-cut shaft not purchased from Golfsmith $20.00 $18.00
NREPPURE PUREing SERVICE on a cut shaft that has been removed from a head $25.00 $23.00
990053 Retro PUREing SERVICE on complete club sent in $50.00 $46.00


Note: It is not possible to align silkscreen logos of graphite shafts when installing PUREd shafts. Instead, the PUREing process leaves your set of clubs with a unique “mark of distinction” that serves as a reminder that the clubs are indeed SST PURE. When PUREing completed clubs, Golfsmith performs disassembly, PUREing and reassembly of each club. The Complete Club Shaft PUREing service includes a new rubber composition grip (please specify style when ordering). Cord and Winn grips are an additional $3.00 per club. Original O.E.M. grips (if available) are an additional $5.00. Allow one to two extra shipping days for individual shaft PUREing service; complete club service requires 7-10 days before shipping.

YES I have Scott.

When I fierst atarted building my own clubs I had Golfsmith do the SST puring on a set of high end shafts for a set of irons, and they came out very well. One of the best sets of irons I've ever hit in fact. A friend of mine talked my out ot that set of irons a long time ago. Since then I learned how to do the Spine and FLO alignment work that SST does on the shaft myself. Only real difference is that SST does the work on a computer controlled machine and I do it with a simple Spine Finder and FLO weight/Laser attackment by hand. There art really TWO reasons I do the work myself. TIME and MONEY. If you have Golfsmith do the SST work, you have to send them the shafts and wait until you get them back, which could be a few days or a few weeks. Cost is much HIGHER if you do a lot of shafts also. ONE shaft will cost you $20 or $25 depending on it it's a NEW shaft or a Pulled shaft. So if you want to have a full bag of clubs SST pured and you have Golfsmith do ALL of the work, you would cost you $46 per club, or times 13 a total of $598 Plus shipping both ways to Golfsmith. This total cost is the main reason I do all of my own work. I can do the same job for FREE, after buying the tools. I happen to be a machiniest, so I just built my own Spine Finder when I first started building clubs. Then I learned about FLO alignment and I built my own FLO Weight with a built in Laser to do the FLO alignment AFTER I do the Spine alignment on a shaft. The Spine Finder I build is $45.00 and the FLO weight/Laser is $35.00 Add in a set of wooden blocks to hole the shaft while doing the FLO alignment and you have to total cost for the three items of $85.oo plus another $8.00 for Priority Mail delivery, and you can do the same thing that SST does, but on EVERY shaft you ever use in your life, plus as many other shafts as you'd like for your friends or customers. ONE TIME cost  of $93.00 or a cost of up to $50 plus shipping for ONE shaft.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.

One more factor about SST Puring you do NOT know.

There is one more reason I do the work myself that you SST will varifly. IF you have SST puring do the alignment work on the shaft, by USGA rules, you can ONLY install the shaft with the SST label set in the 12 O'Clock position. If you install it ANY other way you club would be NON=conforming according to USGA rules the the agreement they have with the SST company.

With my method of doing the Spine and FLO alignment on a shaft, I can instll the shaft in Two ways to get the most from the shaft and the club. One way I can have the shaft play as SOFT as possible, or the other way it will play as STIFF as possible. Depending on the golfer and the shaft, this can be very important. IF you happend to be near the TOP of the speed limit for a certain shaft, you might want to install the shaft to play as still as it can, But if you are closer to the lower limit for the same shaft, you might be better off to install the shaft in the second way I decribed, so the shaft plays a bit softer and it is a better fit to YOUR swing. Can this make a difference with your club?, It depends on you and the shaft you happen to be using. Some GOOD quality shafts will vary in terms of flex as much as a FULL Flex depending on how the Spine is aligned. With the Spine aligned down the target line it might play as an R flex. But the same shaft with the shaft rotated 90* from the target line it might play as an A flex. Same shaft, two different alignment. But only ONE of those alignments ia a option if the shaft was SST Pured, With my work, I have the option of how I want to align the Spine of any shaft, so I can make an R flex play eithre as stiff as it can or as soft as it can, what every if the best fit for the golfer in question. So if you are a golfer that believes in going by the rules of golf. and you do NOT want to have a noconforming club in your bag, you would be better off using a Spine Finder and a FLO weight/laser rather than having Golfsmith do the SST Puring work on your clubs. This information is what I was told by the then President of SST Puring some 13 years ago. The rules have not changed, but the president may be a different person today, not sure as I have not talked directly with SST in years.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.

Center Contact and SST Puring

Scott. I have mentioned to you in the past how proper Spine and FLO alignment of the shaft will cut down on OFF center ball contact with all of the clubs in the bag. Golfsmith did a really good test of this about 14 years ago. They took 4 or 5 OEM drivers from some of the top brands on the market and hit balls with them with one of those  Swing Machine Robots that are now so popular with the better OEM companys. When they used these off the rack drivers, what they fournd was very interesting. On AVERAGE, the OEM off the rack drivers wourl hit the ball Plus or Minus 5/8th's of an inch OFF center when aligned dead center with the rogot. So you could hit the ball as much as 5/8th's of an inch toward the toe on time and the same amount toward the heel on the next swing. all with a near perfect swing from the robot or YOU. Then the did the same test with a driver they built up using a middle price shaft that had been SST Pured and installed in one of their Golfsmith driver heads. With the SST Pured shaft driver ALL ball impacts were within 1/8th of an inch plus or minus. MUCH better center of the face contact with the same robot tesing as with the OEM clubs. As you know, hitting the ball that far off center can make a BIG difference in both distance and direction. It could be the cause of losing 25 or 30 yards or more depending on where the contact was, toe or heel, high or low on the face. Fact is that YOU might be missing the center of the face on your driver DUE to the SHAFT not being properly aligned in the head. Your mishits might NOT be all your fault, it could be and most likely IS partyly due to the shaft alignment. Now you know why I would NEVER play a round of golf with any club that did not have a FLO aligned shaft installed in the head.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.