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Scott Rushing
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Happy Putter

Well, I had pulled the trigger on a new putter. The Happy Putter. I know, dumb name.  (http://www.brainstormgolf.com/)  Reason mainly was that it was affordable ($129) and had changable weights.  The unique thinkg about this putter was really the changable alignment aide, with the developer talking about how our mind sometime after seeing the same thing over and over (same alignment tool) can get to where it isn't seeing things best.  So they give you 3 different desings and in theory you figure out which works best for you and then at some point in the future when / if you start missing putts, you change it and the mind sees better.  Who knows.  That wasn't the reason I wanted it .. it was the weights


Well I order this on amazon but am returning it since what shipped had no additional weights OR the other 2 alignment aides.  Not sure who's fault it is, Amazon or the compnay that sells through Amazon but the ad clear says you get them all.  Too bad..I was wanting to try it today.  I can buy it elsewhere, so I'll probably still wind up with it.