Jack Nicklaus to release own line of golf balls

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Scott Rushing
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Jack Nicklaus to release own line of golf balls

Jack Nicklaus has been almost as successful off the golf course as he has been on it. In 2012 the Golden Bear made $28 million in his various endeavors and it appears he's looking to add to that next year.

Nicklaus announced that he will start carrying his own line of golf balls. They will be manufactured by Bridgestone but stamped with his Golden Bear logo.

GolfDigest said they will come in three variations.

"Three balls will be available: Nicklaus Black, Nicklaus Blue and Nicklaus White, corresponding to the tee markers from which golfers regularly play."

This is something the 18-time major winner has been thinking about for quite a while.

"For more than three years, we have contemplated entering the golf ball business, so over that time, I have been researching and testing golf balls," said Nicklaus

"There are a lot of very good balls on the market, but I was not able to find a ball that fully met my expectations and hopes -- not just for me or other professionals, but more importantly, for the everyday golfer. So I simply decided not to enter the business until I found that ball. Well, I found that ball. Actually, I found three."

I'm interested to see if he can put a dent in the Titleist or Nike golf ball market. This doesn't seem like a move to create a bigger pie but rather take some of the already-existing pieces.

I can't get real excited just yet with Titleist's stranglehold on golf balls but I'll be watching to see what kind of success Nicklaus has. It doesn't seem like he wonts for that.

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Golden Bear golf balls

interesting, since Jack's been an advocate for reducing the distance that golf balls carry in order to keep older courses "relevant".

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Yeah, what's good for the

Yeah, what's good for the game and what's good for one's pocketbook are not always in alignment. Initially I thought maybe this was just new product coming out from whoever runs Nichlaus Golf now, but clearly Jack is involved. So maybe he's decided if you can fight 'em , maybe you should get a piece of the pie.

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I saw an add for Titleist

I saw an add for Titleist ProV1 balls this week end and they claim to have about 84 pros on tour using them compared to just 17 for the next most used ball. What I find FUNNY about this data is that the ProV1 is NOT the ball being used to WIN the most events on tour each year. With a ratio of almost 5 to 1 over the next competitor ball, you would think the ProV1 ball would be winning more events than the others, but it's NOT.
Either the ProV1 is not the best ball out there, OR the best players that are winning, are using a different ball for one reason or another.


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