Jim Furyk...only player to shoot two rounds in the 50's in tour events

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Scott Rushing
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Jim Furyk...only player to shoot two rounds in the 50's in tour events

I'm sure by now you've seen the replay of Jim's 58 Sunday.  How close was that to say a 55?  He missed several other birdies pretty close, and two putted for the 58.  Wow.  The man is consistent at finding the fairway and greens.  Impressive.  very impressive.


I​ did see the replay on

I​ did see the replay on Sunday. Jim had a least ONE lip out and at least TWO putts that didn't miss my more than an inch or so. Could have been a 55 if not lower. Had to believe how well he was playing on Sunday. He stated the day at ONE OVER, and then he shoots 12 UNDER on Sunday??? IF I remember correctly there has been only 6 rounds of 59 over the years, one of which was by Aninka and one by Jim. That makes a total of 7 rounds in the 50's and Jim has two of the seven. Pretty impressive. especially when you look at how Short Jim is off the tee. It's NOT like he can dominate the course with his length. He has to do it with accurate tee shots and good iron play into the greens. All from a guy with a really GOFFY Looking swing.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.

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He may have a goofy looking

He may have a goofy looking swing, but there is no arguing it's effectiveness.  I think that we have been brained washed into believing that the current prototypical swing taught to the vast majority of young players is the key to success when the key to success is simply to deliver the club to the ball in good impact position on a consistent basis.  The rest is just theatrics!

It's not like goofy swings are something that we haven't seen before.  How about Arnie or even Lee Trevino?  Want to go back further?  Ted Ray made a hellish lash at the ball all while wearing a waistcoat and tie!  No wonder it looked as though he was going to fall over!

I think that the biggest part of the problem we see today is the fixation with distance and this affects amateur players too.  It's tough to stay in control when you're programmed to hit the darned thing as hard as possible particularly off the tee.  I don't think it's any surprise that we have these series of guys going on hot streaks only to be completely out of the picture a year later.  They like to say it's because of competitive balance, but i think it has far more to do with how the game is played today.  Furyk doesn't fall victim to this because he's never altered his swing trying to hit the ball further.  That's why he's still competitive in his 40's.

Scott Rushing
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Right Sco.  Key is how you

Right Sco.  Key is how you deliver the club to the ball and can you do that consistently, and he does...

Jim tend to hit fairways and greens, and putts pretty well too. If you do those things consistently well, you can give up distance.  As long as however, he's doing those things well.    Furyk I think is 69th after that win, in tour rankings based on YTD money winnings.  And 182nd on tour in driving distance but 25th in accuracy.  

it's clear Jim hasn't been able to find the same success he had last week consistently enough...given his position on the money list.  That's part of the problem with 7500 yard courses.  If you do have those other things working, yep, you can score.  but if they're not working and you're giving up distance, it can make for a long tournament....



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