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Listening to Father Time

As I have mentioned on previous posts, I've being trying to get back to playing again after a back injury a couple of years ago.  Things have improved a lot in the past couple of months and I'm back to playing again (and practicing a bit) although not as regularly as I'd like due to time constraints in preparing to move next month.

When I got back inot playing it became apparent that I had lost quite a bit of distance, perhaps as much as a club and a half to two clubs.  It is particularly noticeable with my longer clubs.  The ball just wasn't carrying the way it once did and i wasn't getting much kick out of the shafts. 

In prepartion for the move I put a couple of full sets of clubs up for sale with the thought that I would piece together a playing set of something a bit more appropriate for the current state of my game.  I have quite a few clubs, so piecing together a bag wasn't going to be that difficult for starters and I could begin to get an idea of what might work and what might need changing.

I'd been thinking about a different driver for a while now with a senior flex shaft so that was the first shoe to drop.  I had hit an TM M2 with a Matrix White Tie that one of my league guys uses and liked that well enough so would look for something similar.  I found a 12° RBZ Black 2.0 on eBay for $100 with the White tie in M flex and jumped on that as it's a bit more solid feeling club being an all titanium head (vs. the carbon fibre of the M series heads).  I found the jump quite noticeable as the ball comes off the clubface with the shaft loading easily.  The gains maybe marginal, but the feel is a noticeable improvement over my other alternatives that were R flex.

The next logical step would be to look for senior flex replacements for my fairways/hybrids.  One of my buddies on another golf website suggested I take a look at some of the more recent Adams models as those clubs were often designed with the senior player in mind.  They also come with higher end shafts in many cases.  That lead me to picking up an Adams Tight Lies 2.0 4h with a MRC Kuro Kage lite flex shaft for $50.  This is a smaller headed hybrid with a tri-level sole that looks similar to the old Callaway War bird sole from the 90's.  It can really get down and dig the ball out of the rough or almost any lie for that matter.  I really like this hybrid as it goes straight (rather than having a hook tendency) and has a very solid hit to it.  It's currently my go to for long approaches from the deck.  Based on my early experience with the hybrid, I've ordered an Adams TL 2.0 4W (same shaft) to give me an even longer option for approaches or an alternative off the tee.  I got that one for $70.  Now I should have some decent gapping in the long end of the bag as I'm finding having lost distance I'm playing longer clubs more often than I once did.

I continue to be amazed how cheaply you can buy good used clubs versus what is being asked for new today.  $600 drivers, $300 fariways/hybrids, $1600 iron sets, etc.  I turned over the top and the bottom end of my bag for not much more than half the cost of a new driver by shopping for lightly used models, two or three model years old.  I've always maintained that you can make golf as cheap or as expensive as you choose based on where you play and what you choose to play with.

And for those of you who are thinking about making a change to lighter more flexibile shafts, don't hesitate giving it a try.  It's quite likely that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Sco, some good deals there.

Sco, some good deals there. As you noted, plenty of "young" pre-owned clubs are available if you don't feel compelled to buy the newest model when it first comes out. Great way to try one out and see if it works for you (like you did with the hybrid) - I did the same when I bought my hybrid, got the 4h first then added the 5h of the same model. You don't pay as much, so if the club doesn't work out, you sell or trade it in and your loss is small. For my current bag, the only clubs that weren't bought preowned were my irons (Ping custom fit). Glad you are finding a way to enjoy playing golf again.

It's not's how many

Check at E-Bay

I've seen some really good pricers for used club on E-Bay. If you look around you might find a used club with an after market shaft in it for LESS than what the shaft alone would cost. Hard to beat that kind of a deal if you know what to look for. A few years ago I picked up a nice driver with a $300 after market shaft in it for a big fat $50.00 with free shipping. Can't beat that deal. 


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Good job Sco.  I admit, I've

Good job Sco.  I admit, I've bought more off Globale Golf used than Ebay lately when so much negative press was hitting abotu the amount of counterfit clubs on eBay.  But agree you can get some very good deals.

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I can't really say enough

I can't really say enough about these new to me woods that I'm playing.  AS I getmore reps in my distance is beginning to return.  I had a drive yesterday that was 230 yards on our par 4 eighth hole.  That was the furthest i've hit the ball on that hole perhaps ever, but certainly in recent years.

I think what has really stood out for me is the consistency, both of distance and direction that i'm getting with these clubs.  All three are equipped with real deal shafts rather than the made-for versions that are often associated with OTR clubs.  All are senior flex, but they feel every bit as stout as the regular flex clubs that they've replaced.  I'm so impressed with the Adams clubs that i'm thinking of adding a 6 hybrid iron with a sr. graphite shaft to replace my 6 iron as I'm not too consistent with that one.  There really is a difference in a quality shaft!