Low FORWARD CG in drivers versus lower back CG

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Low FORWARD CG in drivers versus lower back CG

So was listening to the TM folks talk about their drivers and their Product guy was explaining how their new SLDR driver moves the center of Gravity (CG) lower but forward on the driver face because lower means higher ball flight but the big difference they saw in putting the CG forward over in the back of the club was ball spin. When they moved the CG forward, they still got the launch angle they wanted but they reduced the driver spin over what it was in the back.

Now the interviewer asked about the theory of having more dispersion (left/right) when you move the CG forward and basically they've used a number of technologies to try and offset that issue, including the curvature of the face. And yes, if you look at the clubface from the side, you can see the curvature.

So was just interesting to hear the claim about the lower spin when they move the CG forward.

I notice that now TaylorMade

I notice that now TaylorMade is stating that the IDEAL launch conditions is a 17* launch angle with a back spin rate of 1700 RPM. I don't know WHO these numbers work best for, but I'm pretty sure they don't apply to ALL golfers with all swing speeds. And are they for MAX carry distance or max TOTAL distance off the tee?


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