More on buying fairway woods - Don Fisher

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It is my personal opinion that most golfers don’t carry enough woods in their bag. Most golfers carry a 3 and 5 wood at most and they never think about a higher lofted wood or two. If you are in the market for some fairway woods, first thing I recommend is to decide if you want LOW PROFILE or HIGH PROFILE woods. If you ONLY hit your woods off the deck, then the LOW profile woods is what you should buy. But if you like to hit your woods off the tee on tight fairway holes, then look into buying the HIGH profile woods with the taller clubface. This is the kind I always buy. The reason is pretty simple. The taller face gives me a better chance of hitting a really good tee shot. Most of the tall face woods are about ¼” to 3/8” taller than the smaller face LOW profile woods. And this extra height is a rather large percentage so you get a lot more clubface to hit with, and more clubface means fewer miss hit shots off the tee. The taller face height just gives me so much more confidence hitting my woods off a tee, as well as more margins for error. End result is I hit more fairways with my woods than I might with the smaller woods.

Next thing you need to do is evaluate ALL the clubs in your bag to see what loft woods might work best for YOU. If you are like most amateur golfers, you don’t hit the longer irons as well as you should, so you might look into replacing the longest ones with a few higher lofted woods. This is exactly what I did a few years back. I don’t hit my 3 iron all that consistently so it came out of my bag to be replaced by a 7 wood. After awhile I decided the 4 iron would be next to be pulled out of service and I replaced it with a new 9 wood. At the current time I’m carrying 4 Fairway woods in my bag, and I couldn’t be happier with the makeup of my bag.

The big thing is golf club these day is the HYBRID club. They are supposed to be easier to hit than the long irons and the fairway woods. But for a lot of golfers, that’ not the case. For some reason, not all golfers do in fact hit the hybrids all that well, and for them I highly recommend buying fairway woods instead. I happen to fit into that group of golfer as I’ve never found a hybrid that I hit as well as my woods. You NEED to find out if this is you or not, and if it is, look into more woods in your bag.

If you currently have a 3 wood in your bag, check what the loft of it is. You need to know this information so you can buy a 5 wood with the correct loft to go with your 3 wood. What you are looking for is a loft difference that will be equal between ALL your woods. So if your 3 wood has 15 degrees of loft, you should look for a 5 wood with 18 degrees of loft, and a 7 wood with 21 degrees of loft, and so on. This will allow you to have equal size yardage gaps between all your woods which is the ideal situation. This is just a continuation of what you should have with your irons, equal yardage gaps from club to club.

If you have a factory shaft in your favorite driver, you might want to check out the matching fairway woods to go with it. Only reason I mention this is that there’s a good chance if you like the driver you might like the matching fairway wood since it should have a matching shaft. If the shaft in your driver is working for you, good chance the shaft in the matching fairway wood will also. In the same vein, if you have an after market shaft in your driver. I wouldn’t worry too much about buying the same brand fairway woods. Just buy the ones you hit the best in your DEMO session. You can always have a matching shaft installed in your new woods to match the shaft in your driver.

About the only thing left to do is go out and DEMO a few woods and see exactly what your carry yardage is with each one. And which one or two you hit the best out of the bunch. Than match the carry yardage of the demo woods to the carry yardage of the rest of the clubs in your bag. With any luck one or two of the demo woods will fit right into a yardage gap that you need to fill and you are half way home. Now all you have to do is convince your spouse that you really need another golf club.

Good luck with your DEMO sessions, and even better luck with your new fairway woods.

Don Fisher