New Mizuno MP-H5's

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Scott Rushing
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New Mizuno MP-H5's

So got my new irons yesterday but had notime to test them.  Today after I got back from the Wyndham, I went to the range for a small bucket. 

Started hitting the 5I which I didn't feel I hit flush. Maybe 5I's aren't that easy to hit!  Even in NEW irons.  LOL

The PW was SUPER easy to hit.  Hit that very well.  Ball flight was clearly higher than my other Wilson irons.  Then moved to an 8I and hit that pretty well too.  Again, high ball flight.  Hard to judge distance given the range balls and hitting into a light breeze.  But I did hit the 5I again and measured a couple shots with the Laser.  Seems like I probably wont loose any distance with the new irons even with them being "weaker" lofted than the Wilsons.  I'll have to hit real balls at the course but overall I was impressed.  

Ball flight was high and straight, which is pretty nice.


I'm really glad you are happy

I'm really glad you are happy so far with the new irons. let us know more when you get a chance to hit them more. Maybe you can hit them side by side with your other irons on a launch moniter and report back what difference you see. Mizuno has a very good rep for making some of the best quality forged irons on the market.


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Scott Rushing
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That's what I'd like to do

That's what I'd like to do Don.  Compare the two.  Had I thought more about it I would have taken at least an 8I from my old set and compared the ball flight and yardages.  I'll do that next time.



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