No Ryder Cup but $13M in just over 3 weeks...not a bad trade

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Scott Rushing
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No Ryder Cup but $13M in just over 3 weeks...not a bad trade

Just three weeks ago, Billy Horschel had every reason to start looking ahead to next season.

He had missed the cut in the first FedEx Cup playoff event to fall to No. 82 in the standings. He only had two top 10s all year, scant evidence that he was on the verge of something special. He was weeks away from becoming a father.

What followed was the best golf of his life, and a payoff that was more than he could grasp.

Billy Horschel wins the Tour Championship which also gives him a FedEx Cup title and a $10 million bonus.

"I'm not sure life can be better than this," Horschel said.

Horschel capped off his improbable playoff run Sunday at East Lake by pulling away from Rory McIlroy early and holding off Jim Furyk late. He posted his 12th straight round in the 60s -- a 2-under 68 -- to win the Tour Championship by three shots and claim the FedEx Cup and its $10 million bonus.

That's what these FedEx Cup playoffs are all about -- who can get the hot hand over the last four tournaments.

Horschel took that to a level only Tiger Woods can appreciate. No one had ever won the FedEx Cup starting the playoffs lower than No. 19. Horschel started at No. 69. But he was the runner-up in Boston, a winner in Denver and he cashed in big in Atlanta.

Those three weeks of prize money and the FedEx Cup bonus were worth nearly $13.5 million.

It was just too late to show Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson.

Horschel's timing was perfect for the FedEx Cup, not so much for the Ryder Cup. Watson made his three captain's picks after the Deutsche Bank Championship -- Horschel was the runner-up -- and he had no reason to select a guy whose only PGA Tour win was last year in New Orleans.

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A bit of a joke really. They

A bit of a joke really. They try and sell the FedEx Cup and the Tour Championship as a sort of season culminating playoff much like other sports, but essentially it's just another segment of the season where you can score some serious bonus money if you get hot at the right time.

It's not a major. It's not the Ryder Cup. It's not even the World Match Play Championships. I didn't watch it, nor have I ever seen much of it over the years it has been in existence. I find it to be a contrived event. At least the Race to Dubai (which I don't care to watch either) is more reflective of a season's play as it is based on earnings rather than some artificial point scale that is designed to reward those who get hot at the right time. To me it is exactly what it appears to be; a series of events designed to fill in a formerly blank time in the schedule, for the big names at least, that has an artificially rich purse in an effort to entice more of the top names.

FWIW, I don't think that the Ryder Cup will miss Horschel's absence and I say that not because I have a bone to pick with the player. I say that because it's a team event. He should be well satisfied with the trade-off. I'm pretty sure we'd all take the money ahead of the nomination.

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Agree 100% with scomac, it's a bogus event and not reflective of the best overall player. It would almost be like awarding MVP (for the season) to the baseball player who did the best in the All Star game.
The artificial creation of "drama" and such is a joke.

It's not's how many

Still in deed of some fine Tuning for the playoffs

I rather enjoyed the playoffs this year, more than in the past. I think the points system is Better than it was, but it still needs to be improved. To be honest, I nave NO IDEA how to make it better, all I know is that there is work to be done to get it better, both for the golfers as well as for the fans of golf.
What you can NOT complain about was the QUALITY of the golf over the last 4 weeks of the PGA tour season. Billy Horschel played great golf the last 3 weeks. He hit ONE really bad shot in the second round of the playoffs when he had a chance to catch the leader and force a playoff, Then he won in Denver in the third round, only to win again it Atlanta in the final round to win the $10 Million bonus. I'm not sure if ANYONE has won twice in two weeks with a second place finish the week before all season. So it has the be the BEST 3 finishes in a row all season, and it a long time on tour.
As for the Money vs playing on the Ryder Cup Team. I'm sure I'd take the Money and NOT complain one bit. With $13.5 million dollars, even after TAXES. he can afford to FLY first class to Europe and stay at the finest hotel and eat like a King if he wants to. As a Bonus He can relax while he watches the matches and NOT have to deal with any of the Pressure of event. Just sit back and relax while drinking and eating what ever he wants. Or he can stay home with his wife while she waits to have a child. Either way he can't complain too much.


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I'm quite sure that Mr.

I'm quite sure that Mr. Horschel is now very pleased with the trade-off. $13 million richer and safely out of the line of fire of the recriminations that are following hot on the heels of another thorough butt kicking endured by the US side. It would appear that the Ryder Cup did in fact miss Billy Horschel, not to mention a couple of the other hot hands in the FedEx Cup playdowns as Captain Tom Watson's picks were a complete bust.