OnCore golf balls

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OnCore golf balls

Anyone seen these?   http://www.oncoregolf.com/


World's only hollow metal core golf ball... My dad bought a dozen of these and we tried them last round.  You really couldn't tell a difference in feel or sound, and when I hit it, it was reasonably long.  Given the conditions, windy and cooler, it's hard to know if it's as long as anything else, but I was in the general area i remember being with other balls on holes I was playing.   Greens were too dormant and hard to know how it might do there.   But when Dad told me it had a metal core, I was surprised.  I would not have guessed that by how it played, felt and sounded.

Interesting design

Looking at the disign with the metal core I would think this will be a LOW spin golf ball. With the heavy center weighting it means the ball may spin okay to start, but with less mass at the outside of the ball, it WILL slow down fater than a ball with more weight at the outside of the ball. That's simple physics in action. This is the reason that you do not see liquid core golf balls any more, LESS spin on approach shots and around the greens.


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Scott Rushing
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Well once the season gets

Well once the season gets going and course conditions get to normal, I'll try it on some approach shots and let you know what I find.

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