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Scott Rushing
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Ping Anser Driver

Picked upa Demo Ping Anser Driver...adjustable loft on the driver (which also tweaks the face angle a bit according to Ping - though Don disagrees with that idea). Feels nice and I got a lighter weight shaft which lefts me feel the head a little more. I tend to hit a fade with it but it's a little too early to say as I'm not as consistent with it yet. Got a regular shaft in it mainly because I hit my Dad's a couple times and just murdered it and I figured with all the golf I will be doing over 3 days, if I tire during the latter rounds, the R flex will be a little easier to hit. We'll see...

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enjoy the demo. My husband likes his G25 driver (as much as he can like a driver with how poorly he hits all of them). I don't remember if I got to hit the Anser at demo day in the Spring, but it's a nice, classic look

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Scott Rushing
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So I am astonished to

So I am astonished to continue to see the same driver I bought for $100 in stores used for $250+. 2 stores have had ones at that price. The same driver and the same shaft. I'm going to go by and see what they would give me for trade in or $$ for mine.

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Face Angle changes???

I DO have an issue with what the factory says about face angle changes with the adjustable drivers. MY point is that most GOOD golfers ALIGN the face of the club when they set the club behind the ball at address. IF you do the same thing, YOU align the face to your target, the club does NOT do it. So if you align the face to the target when you set up. what difference does it make if adjusting the settings have on face angle?? GRANTED, that If you just SET the club on the ground and do NOT align the club to your target, then SURE, changing the setting WILL effect the fade angle of the club. But I do NOT know of any GOOD golfer that sets up this way. They ALL align the face of the club to the target, they do NOT allow the club to do it for them.


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