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Scott Rushing
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Pro V1x

So I played a course recently that was pretty wet, so I knew the greens would be soft.  So I chose to try and throw all my approach shots around the pins maybe past , expecting as high as I hit them, they'd come back.  Started the round playing with a somewhat older/used Callaway tour ball, the Tour IX.  Distance was fine but I was somewhat surprised the ball didn't suck back as much as I expected on several approach shots.  It would come back a little, less than a foot, but it didn't zip back.   So I thought I had over done my expectations about how they'd react given the soft greens.  Now I mean soft..I had huge craters to fix on my approach shots.

Well, I lost that ball OB on a tee shot and switched to a slightly used Pro V1x ball.  2 holes later I had a perfect 120 Gap wedge into a mostly flat green. Slide back to front tilt but not bad.  I hit a beautiful shot about 2 ft from the pin and it SUCKED back about 6-8 ft.   Hmmmm.  Well on 18, again, had 105 yards in to a tilted green, more than the other one. Perfect 58 degree wedge for me...Couldn't risk throwing it past the hole as there was ony about 5 ft until you run out of green.  Or I could baby a 54 degree there and take some spin off of it.  I decide the full 58degree mainly to try and confirm the result of the earlier shot.   Well, hit it pure.  Looked like it was going to be right by the flag...get up there, there's my ball mark about 2ft in front of the pin, and there's my ball about 20 ft back down the green.   It spun further back than the first one did.

So while it's a small sample, I clearly had more spin back with the Pro V1x than the Callaway.   Ihad it been a tournament, I would have tried to hit the 54degree reduce spin.   But in this case it was part of the confirmation..

I'm not familiar with the

I'm not familiar with the differnt tour balls from Callaway but I know that the ProV1X is the higher spin ball of the proV1 and V1X pair, so this is not at all too surprising. Might be interesting to try your test again with the newer Chrome Soft ball instead of the Tour IX ball you used this time. After the PGA Championship I heard Stenson mention that the soft greens on Sunday did NOT fit his game as he had to work hard to control the backspin on his appraoch shots so his ball didn't do what you had happen on your last shot.


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Scott Rushing
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I could see that Don.  With

I could see that Don.  With soft greens, if you flush a ProV1x (maybe he should switch to the ProV1), I'm sure it comes back a lot.  So you either have to target past the pin if that's not too dangerous, or take a lower club and smooth a half shot in there to control the spin.

I mean it was nice that I hit those shots flush to begin with.   But when I'm faced with that situation again, I'll maybe think about trying another ball in comparison.  Sort of depends on what's handy in my bag at the time though.   The other thing I might also try and when I'm playing firm hard greens, trying those shots WITH a ProV1x to see if it actually still grabs and checks.  usually around here in the heat of the summer, nothing holds.


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I use a Titliest velocity

I use a Titliest velocity ball and never get any spinback. Never have with any ball or any coditions. CAC

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