A proper golf swing engages many muscles

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A proper golf swing engages many muscles

The golf swing is a complex dance of muscles working together to produce a powerful result. Some swings are mostly arm based while others engage the entire body. The full body swing produces more force and energy than the arm swing, and engaged 4 muscle groups instead of 2.

Muscles involved in a golf swing

Seems like today's Tour players are hitting the gym and are more like athletes than the prior generations of golfers. Looks like there's some valid evidence on way. Found a few analytic articles on it, including this analysis: https://sites.sas.upenn.edu/biol438/files/the_biomechanics_of_the_golf_s...

Interesting stuff at the link

I just clicked on the link you provide and it was pretty interesting stuff that I found. Which Muscles you use is ONE of the main factors that effect your golf swing. Flexiblity is the other factor and can be equally important. If you watch some of the Tour pros one thing you will see in MOST of the better players is HOW flexable they are. Vigay Singh is a perfect example of this. If you watch him swing a club, you will notice that he can get his LEFT elbow very close to his RIGHT shoulder at the top of his back swing. This looseness in his Left shoulder joint means he has a WIDER arc to his swing then someone with less a less flexible left shoulder joint. The wider the arc the more potenial you have to creat more power to hit the ball farther.


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