Ready for round two rules ???

Did you see this golf club review?

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Ready for round two rules ???

Rules, rules, and more rules... 


Q. You are on a wet green. What is the best thing you can do to improve your odds of making your putt?

What is the correct ruling?

A. Mark your ball, dry it, replace carefully keeping ball as dry as possible
B. Leave the ball as it lies, a wet ball on a wet surface rolls better than a dry ball on a wet surface.
C. Strike the ball as low as possible so that the ball will hop along the line of putt minimizing the effect of the wet green.


Rules, rules, and more rules


Q. Which of the following doesn't the USGA oversee?

What is the correct ruling?

A. Writing and Interpreting The Rules of Golf.
B. Conducting National Championships.
C. Maintaining and certifying golf equipment standards.
D. Supervising The PGA TOUR.

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A & D

A & D

Scott Rushing
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Interesting Don...

Interesting questions Don.   I don't know the first...I'm guessing.  Sco's the science guy so he's probably right.

I'll say A because less water in the equation sounds better than more.  And striking the ball low is hard to control.

For the Second, I also agree with's the  PGA Tour oversight

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You guys are Two for Two this

You guys are Two for Two this time. You both got both of them correct. I have to say I was wondering if a wet ball on wet grass might roll better than a dry ball, but according to the source for the answers a dry ball rulls straighter than a wet one. 


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ball rolling

if I had to guess, the reason a ball might roll better when dried off (and put back on to a wet green) is that the surface in contact with the green gets wet, but the sides do not. So it might create a tiny bit of grip/suction in a sense as the water fills the dimples, and keeps it tracking in a straighter line.

It's not's how many

According to what I read

According to what I read about why it was due to the ball being lighter at the sides where it was dry. That makes the ball more stable rolling on the equator that is wet as it rolls. It kind of goes with the idea of how spin balancing a golf ball can help get the ball to roll straigher when it is aligned in a way that allows the ball to roll in it's most stable oreintation. 


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.