Refinishing/Refitting Older Golf Clubs

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Refinishing/Refitting Older Golf Clubs

I belong to another web based golf community and there was a thread started by a member describing his renewing of an old set of irons he found in a used bin at a big box retailer. He started with a set of Adams Pro Back MB irons with stock stiff KBS Tour shafts that had been well used. The heads were in decent shape, but the shafts didn't fit him. He managed to find three new Adams CB 1 Black iron heads (4-6) on-line and a set of KBS C-taper shafts in R.

Long story short, he assembled the new combination set with the C-tapers and GP Tour Wrap grips, touched up the PVD coating on the MB's and did all the paint fill in white. The completed project is the sharpest set of irons I've laid eyes on in a very long time. They even seem to look as though they belong in the progression to his Vokey wedges with their dark finish. It's too bad we can't add a photo to these posts, otherwise I would. ;)

The message here is that some times the latest and greatest may not really be what you are looking for when it comes to an equipment upgrade. There are a multitude of bargains out there in used equipment that can often be custom fit to your specs at a fraction of the cost of a new custom order. The owner of the set above did the work himself, so that is significant in terms of cost savings. But, if you're handy, have a decent work space, a few tools and some supplies can introduce you to the club making hobby. Perhaps one day you too could be building your own custom set of clubs to your exact specs in the make-up that you want. Something unavailable in the commercial club channels from the large OEMs.

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Good point Sco. Finding a set for a good price and building them up can definitely be a good way to go. Having invested in NEW irons before, into the 4-figure range, I've learned to stick with one or two generation old irons myself. Better deals and probably as good a club. Now I'm playing a used set of Ping S56s which I like but I really like the look of last year Cobra Amp Pro irons. I'm keeping my eye out for a good deal for those if I can find it. Those looks incredible.

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Good Custom Set at a Low Price

I totally understand your point Sco. I recently purchased a set of Brand New TaylorMade R7 CGB MaX iron HEADS. Just got the heads which had never been used, but had the factory shafts pulled. I think the irons sold new for over $800.00 a few years back, and I figure I can build up a custom set with top of the line shafts for a lot less than that number.
I also found a RBZ Stage 2, 19* 5 wood head still in the wrapper that I plain to build up this spring. With a good after market shaft it should be a great fairway wood with great distance that should find a home in someone's bag if not mine.


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