Swing analyzers.. Let tech help you get your swing ready for the season

Did you see this golf club review?

There are a lot of easy to use personal swing analyzers (PSA) on the market now. Some have devices that attach to your club, like 3BaysGSA PSA which attached to the tip of the grip. Others attach to the shaft of the club or the glove on your hand. Those provide detailed statistics on your swing along with visual displays of the swing path. They also allow you to compare your wings and some allow you to add in pro swings for comparison.

Still yet is another crop of apps that you can install and use on your mobile devices. Apps like Ubersense Golf (free) allows you to record your swing and play it back, alongside pro swing recordings, and use a variety of tools to help analyze angles, lines, etc.

I've had personal experience with the 3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer, The Swingbyte Swing Analyzer as well as apps like Ubersense Golf and V1 Home. All of them provide some degree of benefit and they do different things. Personally I think every golfer should use probably one swing analyzer and then one of the recording apps. The swing analyzers can help you collect 100,000 of data points during the swing and play them back in real time or slow motion. Want to try out different swing changes and see which have the biggest impact on swing plane or path or swing speed? Something like a PSA will help.

But I also think, may even more valuable, is something like Ubersense Golf or V1 Home, or any of the other apps like SwingPlane, Tiger Woods My Swing App, etc. These apps allow you to record real swings and play them back in slow motion, side by side with pro swings. Using Ubersense, I could easily see where my swing differences came in compared to the tour players. It was easy to see if I was getting the club in the slot and staying on plane, or not! They do require you either have a friend with you at the range to hold the your mobile device, but I actually bought a trip pod mount for my Ipad and use that. Works well.

So while they do require a little extra work and a little bit of tech savy, just a little, it's well worth the investment. With the weather we've had outside, do a little swing recording inside and spend a few hours by the fire analyzing your swing. It'll prove worth it come Spring.