TM's "un-metal wood", the M1

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TM's "un-metal wood", the M1

Anyone hit one of these?  I know Day's hitting it on tour, and Rose has apparently picked up 10 yards since switching to it, and I'm sure many others are using/testing it too.  I saw it in the store and scoffed at the $500 price and walked on.  I never paid much attention to it, but apparently, after reading about it, TM said in the past, they've looked at carbon/composite technology but could always do better with titanium.  but now they say they've gone as far as they can with titanium and so they are now, at least with the M1, incorporating carbon composite for the top layer:


"TaylorMade calls it the “unmetal wood,” because while its shell is made of very thin, very strong titanium, the crown is a very strong, very light, and very cool looking seven-layer carbon composite that positions more weight toward the sole, lowering the center of gravity. The black carbon also contrasts with the white head and black clubface to create a very effective alignment aid.

The M1 also takes adjustable weighting in another direction—literally. The “T-Track System” features two tracks in the sole, each with a sliding weight: The one directly behind and parallel to the face can move heel to toe to alter shot direction; the other port runs from face to heel, the weight sliding to lower or raise spin rate and launch angle. The two ports are labeled for simplicity, reading from “fade” to “draw,” and from “low” to “high.” Of course, the hosel is also adjustable, up to 2 degrees either side of the standard loft options (8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees in right-hand models; 9.5 and 10.5 in left-handed)."


All the major adjustments, CG, loft, and draw bias.  I may go try to hit one and just compare the numbers to my driver that I'm hitting now.


 Couple good reviews off GolfGalaxy:

"Worth every penny!

Have played only 2 rounds with my new M1 but already am experiencing 20-30 yards more distance and finding the short grass much more often. Looks, feels, and sounds great. I got fitted at GC with the proper shaft and settings. Very happy with my choice, was using Ping I25 but this club will be in bag from now on."

"had 3 rounds of golf with driver & love it ........... gained 10 to 20 yards & this driver is real forgiving , once I adjusted to my swing ......... looks good & sounds good , I give it a 10 ........... a real fairway finder also"

There are some things I

There are some things I really like about the new M1 deriver. First is that the crown is a composite material, very much like the crown on my old Cleveland Launcher 460 Comp. Second is that the moveable weights, CAN be doubled up if you buy extra weights. You can have TWO weights in each of the tracks IF you want. This would in effect DOUBLE the effect of moving the weights, since you could then move TWO weights instead of just one. I'm planning to go to one of the local golf shops soon to demo it on a launch monitor and see if it's any better than my current 460 Comp.


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