What heppened to FALL ???

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What heppened to FALL ???

Yesterday, Wednesday, it was 83 degrees for a high. When I woke up this morning and took the dogs outside it was down to 20 degrees and it was snowing. Now we have about 3 inches of light fluffy snow on the ground and it looks like we will have a lot more before this storm moves east and out of here. So for those of you that are East of Denver, you might want to get out your winter coats and make a big pot of coffee or hot chocolate to stay warm. I wonder what happened to FALL. We normally go from summer to fall and then to winter, but right now it looks and feels like Winter got here a bit early. It's so cold in the house I had to turn on the furnace this morning, first time since late spring. Good luck to all of you bact East.

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Still crazy Don.  We've gone

Still crazy Don.  We've gone from the 90's to the 60s in the last couple weeks.  I'm not ready for anything colder yet

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Down to only 9 degrees

After we got to 20 degrees the next morning it got down to 9  for a drop of 74 degrees in less than 36 hours. Kind of hard on this OLD body of mine. And we have very high fire danger to the west and south of Denver. The air ir really dry. with the humidity down to "Below 3 percent at times. Add in the high winds of up to 65 MPH and the whole section of the mountains is a tinder box ready to burn. 


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