When to replace the golf BALL?

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Scott Rushing
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When to replace the golf BALL?

Golf Ball Research. Check out the findings of a Golf Digest study from a few years back:

"Golf Balls are likely to be lost or damaged before they wear out. According to Golf Digest, unless there is visible damage to the cover, the average golf ball should last at least seven full 18-hole rounds without any degradation in performance. A little lost paint or other marks that leave the contours of the cover intact are acceptable, but once there is a scuff on the cover that feels rough to the touch it is time to take the ball out of play."

Which golf ball I use (brand, new or used, etc) is a last second decision just before I tee off. Many times it depends on where I'm playing (nice courses tend to get tour performance balls) or how early in the season it is. If it's early and the greens are dormant, I play a cheaper distance ball.

But I realized tonight that I've used the same golf ball for 3 rounds of golf. Yeah to me for not losing it! But it's starting to look a little dingy and has a couple nicks on it. According to Golf Digest's research, I should pull that ball in favor of a new one. So I guess I will.

But when do you replace a golf ball you have in place? Do you use a new one each round?

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Depending on the ball cover,

Depending on the ball cover, I'll keep using my ball until I lose it or scuff it bad enough it would affect the roll on the green.

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I'm not good enough to keep

I'm not good enough to keep one in play long enough as to where that becomes a question. I took one out of my bag last year after a couple of rounds because it had some nasty scuffs on it from hitting a cart path a couple of times, but that's the only time I remember not losing a ball first.

The balls in my shag bag I play until they quite literally split. I've even hit a couple that came apart on contact!

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Golf balls

Agree with others, once it shows scuffs (like from cart path or tree impact) it becomes a "water ball" or goes into the shag bag. If its really gouged, I hit it into the woods as an offering to golf gods.

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I replace my ball when I find

I replace my ball when I find scuff marks in the cover. My irons have nice sharp grooves in them so my irons will tear up the cover of the ball with full swing shots with my shorter irons and wedges. Some balls can handle full swing shots with a wedge pretty well, others get torn up with one or two shots at the most.


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