Wilson C300 driver

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Scott Rushing
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Wilson C300 driver

Have seen a lot of push on TV for this driver.  More and more commercials.  Actually a good friend of mine has one, he says he loves it.  it's a beautiful club and I hit it 1 time in Pinehurst.  I hit my driver first, and hit it pretty well.  I then it the Wilson, very different sound - like a solid thud sort of sound compared to the higher pitched PING sound.  I didn't think I put as good a swing on it but still wound up in the rough about 5-6 yards farther down the fairway than mine.  So I think it's got OK distance for the average golfer.  my swing speed it probably in that 103-105 range. 


Also read that Wilson has more major wins with their Irons than any other brand.  I thought that was surprising.  Maybe more from year and years past?  I'll have to look up the list of their major wins with their irons..