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XG7 Golf X Metal

It seems as though it has been ages since I tuned into The Golf Channel.  I was watching the second round from Kapalua HI last night so when I turned on the TV this morning, Morning Drive was on.  I started to watch and then a series of commercials came on, one featuring a new direct marketed club, the XG7 X metal.  I didn't give it a second thought, but then the same infomercial came on a couple of more times so I decided to go to their web site to see what all the hulabaloo was about.

Basically, it's a big headed, deep faced fairway wood that can double as a tee club.  The idea behind it is sound enough as it is aimed at the high handicap golfer who lacks swing speed.  Shorter shaft for control; off-set to help close the club face; squared off head for high MOI and a mid sized head with more loft than you can typically get from a driver.  The club is claimed to be comforming.  Then come the testimonials that the club is longer and straighter than the test subjects current drivers.

The claim is that it is a multipurpose club that can replace two or three clubs in your bag.  I'm skeptical that the target market could hit this from the fairway, but it is probably a reasonable alternative to a driver, not unlike the mini drivers that were all the rage a couple of years ago.

In fairness to the manufacturer, there is a need for something like this as the modern design of drivers is not helping the average player.  I've seen far too many senior golfers getting sold a new driver only to go back to their old one after several months of frustration.  One great drive in five isn't going to cut it for the average recreational player.  That said, I doubt that this will be more than a flash in the pan as it is with most of these sorts of things.  It's really no different than the XE-1 wedge or the Overspin putter where they took an earlier existing design, made it cheaply off-shore and then marketed it directly with a professional endorsement and a flashy advertising campaign.

That said, with new drivers typically selling for $500-$600 there could be a lot of pent up potential for an alternative idea aimed at the ordinary player that is selling direct for $199!

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Sco, I agree.  I think there

Sco, I agree.  I think there might be a place for it, but whether it  will get enough momentum to support staying power, that's another thing.  I remember the "Alien Wedge" that you could hit off the parking lot!  Did they offer a money back guarentee?  Just curiosu since you can't hit the thing anywhere to test it.   I might look at Ebay and see if people are trying to resell them ... that might give a clue as to how liked they are.  But then again, only a few buy it so...

Too many golfers won't go with what helps them versus what the pro's play.  ANd your point about buying a new driver only to revert back to the old one is true.  I have a friend that bought a "new" used TM driver only to find he couldn't hit it and uses his old one.

I'm as guilty as anyone else, but it's hard to really tell if a club works for you without going out over several sessions and hitting it at a range and seeing the results.  But we get that itch to "Buy Now" so we do our little amount of research based on OTHER PEOPLE'S SWINGS, .go hit a couple balls and purchase. Most people don't know how important fitting is...gettting the right launch angle, shaft specs, lie angle...

And given the price of new drivers - I'm sticking with buying used.  I heard the new Callawy BB driver might be $600+!!!!!  That's crazy

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I picked up one of those

I picked up one of those 260CC Mini ddrivers awhile back and need to hit it a lot more to see if I will like it enough to put it in my bag. As for NEW drivers I have said for years that most golfers would be far better off to get a good after market shaft installed in a decent driver head instead of buying a new club. The shaft is just as important if not more so than the head. I doubt that you would find ONE of the tour players today that is using a Factory shaft in his or her driver or any other club for that matter. The driver head I"m playing is from 2006 I believe, and I hit my driver better than any of the new drovers I hit on Demo days over the years. A good shaft installed properly is going to help just about any golfer while a new driver is most likley not going to do anything other than thin out their wallet.


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