Golf Club Review: Titleist 913D2 Driver


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scott rushing

solidly built. Top notch quality


The Titleist 913D2 consistently gets very positive feedback from testers as one of the longer drivers on the market now. Off-center hits do not lose very much distance loss.

Feedback is the Titleist 913D2 is very accurate and the club is quite forgiving while also allowing you to control shots.


Good 'feel' throughout the swing with weight distribution well designed.

High-speed, forged face insert provides more speed over a larger area of the face.

Penetrating low spin ball flight with mostly straight ball flight, but the ability to work the ball left or right.

Slight draw-bias configuration helps higher handicappers get the club square to find the fairway off the tee.

The newly designed variable thickness face produces greater ball speed consistency. Classic design is easy to look at and align off the tee.

Rear weight and improved CG location provide optimum launch with reduced spin for longer distance.

Industry leading SureFit Tour hosel technology delivers independent loft and lie adjustment for the most precise fit available.


Overall, pricing is inline with most top tier drivers these days but the $399 rack price is a bit step in our book. Some feedback has the feedback ooff the clubhead being a bit muted.


The Titleist 913D2 consistently gets high marks from testers as one of the longer drivers on the market now. Gold rating in other club tests, solid performer on distance and the ability to stay in the fairway off the tee make this a club to consider.

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