MaxFli Softfli golf ball


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Scott Rushing

Seems oK but only used for a partial round as a test


Very soft golf ball,   35 compression.  MaxFli's lowest compression ball.   2 piece construction seems durable.   Super soft feel off the clubface.  Probably a great ball for slower swing speeds, or the cooler times of year.


Very affordable, I got them for 2 dozen for $25 at Golf Galaxy. 


Not really any cons, not major ones anyway.  Distance was a little bit shorter, maybe 5-7 yards at most, than tour quality balls.  And the spin is less on irons.


Overall, looking forward to playing this ball over the winter.  Given the price and how soft it is, this will be my winter ball this winter.  I usually don't play premium balls in the winter anyway since the greens are so hard and there are leaves on the ground, it can get too easy to lose a $4 golf ball.  So this will work perfectly.

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