Nike reverisble golf belt - with ball marker


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Scott Rushing
Nike reverisble golf belt - with ball marker

I noticed recently the belt buckle was coming lose from the belt itself.  Again I tend to keep mine tight when wear some looser shorts, so for the average person wearing it for fashion, it should be fine.  But I will say it was easy to fix.  The belt attaches to the buckle via studs that screw in so with a small screw driver you can remove them, cut off the torn part of the belt and re-attch it.  So it was a simple project .  Unlike some belts where the studs are permanently affixed. 


Won this last year at an event and finally have been wearing it this season  This year's model improves on the original in the way the belt buckle holds the ball marker.  the marker is magnetized but also sits down in a trough now instead of being removed from the side where it could fall out easily.  I've played about 15 rounds of golf and haven't lost  a marker yet.  It comes with 3 so no worries if you do lose one.  There different colors so you can color coordinate with your outfits if you want.

It's reversible from white to black which is nice. 

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Nike Men's Ball Marker Reversible Belt

The Nike Men's Ball Marker Reversible Belt features Nike Reversible Technology and Nike Ball Marker Technology. The Nappa leather belt is adorned with a brushed gunmetal and silver plaque buckle.

Additional features:

  • Nappa leather
  • Flat strap with single-edge stitching
  • Interchangeable 24mm ball marker
  • 35mm width

When buying a belt, you should choose one that is two inches larger than your pant waist size. For example, if you wear size 34 pants, you should purchase a size 36 belt.


  I mean it's not cheap at $55 but belts have gone up in price in recent years so I'm not surprised by the price.  Quality has been a little concern but I also tend to keep my belts tighter and that could be part of the problem.  


Overall a nice belt.  Functional especialy if you aren't one to wear a ball marker golf hat attachment, you can easily get to the ball marker on the belt buckle.

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