Review of Adams GT 303 (Drivers)


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GT 303

The looks and feel of this club are great. I found no flaws or defects in the craftsmanship.


I first tried the Nicklaus airmax 360 and found it long on distance but sketchy on control. I then tried the adams gt 303. While the 303 is steel and not titanium; I found that the graphite shaft allowed for good distance and the heel weighting gave it consistant control. It was sumwhat shorter than the nicklaus but the field of play was much tighter and left all drives at least within the fairway. I hit the 10.5 degree and found the height of the shots to be good without a balooning effect. I would suggest this club for someone who is looking to add some distance and gain more control. There are other longer clubs out there, but this gives you a nice balance of control and distance.


The somewhat shorter distance than the titanium drivers.


Buy this driver if you are short off the tee and long into the woods. It gives you the best of both worlds. An increase in distance and an increase in accuracy.Don't expect to be the longest hitter in the foursome, but do expect to spend less time in the woods or rough.

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