Review of Adams GT Smart 3 Wood (Fairway Woods)

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Jeff Sweetser
GT Smart 3 Wood

High quality, solid construction. Looks great too.


This is a very solid fairway wood. It is extremely forgiving and very straight. I hit the GT prior to purchasing on the range at KC Golf Discount. Every ball I hit felt like I was shooting it from a cannon. Even with an open or closed clubface the shots remained straight. I've had exactly the same experience on the course. A very straight and forgiving club. I have a stiff steel shaft with a graphite tip which works perfectly for me. A very solid club.


It is difficult to work the ball with this club. It corrects for any draw or fade by straightening the shot out. If you like to work the ball with your fairway woods, this club is not for you.


An excellent value in fairway woods. I am a 9 handicap and I am confident this club will help me to lower it.

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