Review of Adams Tight Lies 3W (Fairway Woods)


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Time to Hang it up
Tight Lies 3W

It's well made. For the price you're getting great materials and quality workmanship on this unit.


It feels good in my hands. Shaft is just right. Decent quality for a decent price. Adams is a very reputable brand.


I just can't hit the damn thing! I don't know what it is but the first time I pulled this out of my bag I dug in so hard the shaft quivered. I think the weighted sole is something I need to get used to, but it just seems a little more than I expected. Maybe I need to work on my upper body strength or something, but I have a bad tendency to drop my shoulder with it. Trying to hit this out of the rough is even worse for me.


I don't claim to be a great golfer, but I have hit better with Taylor and Ping. I've read good reviews on this unit on other sites so I'm sure it's just me. I should have taken more time and looked for help in choosing clubs from someone who knows what I need better than I do. I can't rate the club low, though, because of my skill. It feels good, it's well built and I still can't hit it. I guess that says a lot about my game.

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