Review of Avatar Evolution (Drivers)


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Well made compontents and good assembly.


I really like to look of this club sitting on the ground behind the ball. The white crown goes well behind a white golf ball. Some golfers don't like the look of a white club, but I perfer white to black after using a white driver for a few days. Sets up nicely and not too big of a foot print, unlike some other 460cc heads. Very good price and it can be custom ordered with the shaft or grip of your choice.


The club doesnt' feel very good at impact, IF impact is not dead center. Hits above center feel the worst.


This is a very good driver for the small investment. Distance is about average and the foregiveness is also about average for a 460cc driver. Very good quality grip and head cover finish off the deal. Hard to find a better driver for the small investment. Most used drivers cost more than this AVATAR costs brand new. Check out for prices and options available.

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