Review of Bang Big Big Bang (Drivers)

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Big Big Bang

It is made of beta-titanium and the construction is excellent. The mirror face shows the exact place where you hit the ball each time, and cleans right off.


I purchased this driver from a "golf liquidation" outfit that moves around Florida. Their clubs, of many manufacturers, are usually used, but if new are new heads that they have reshafted. Wanting to try the new "large" drivers I purchased the new Big Big Bang driver which is a massive 525 cc in size. Bang claims it is the biggest driver made. The shaft was made by TUBES, an unknown, to me, shaft manufacturer, The shaft wasn't even labled as to stiffness. The head was massive but very light and easy to swing. The face is beta titanium and mirror like. It is easy to tell exactly where you hit a drive on the face. The club was excellent, felt well balanced, and knocked the ball a mile. The club face is so large that it seems to be a continuous sweet spot, and results in excellent drives most of the time. It certainly receives a lot of comments on the course due to its size, but I believe it is the next "innovation" for the regular weekly golfer. All sweet spot, and solid hits every time. And for the $100 I paid for it, a great deal. Bang is a new company founded by one of the founders of Integra Golf, who left to start his own company. Try it, you'll like it.


The only negative is listening to your buddies talk about its size.


Great club for the money. I use it ever time I play, and that is 4 times a week. HAndicap - 13

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